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Maximizing Potential

Within the Walls of the Yeshiva

Maximizing Potential

Within the Walls of the Yeshiva


into the

World at Large.

Meet the Rebbeim

Ably led by our Rosh HaYeshiva; Rav Yehuda Finkel, Shlit’a, our Torah learning is of the highest caliber.

Rav Yehuda Finkel Shlit”a

Rosh Yeshiva

Rav Yehuda Finkel Shlit”a is a native of Kew Garden Hills, a Musmach of HaRav Tzvi Hollander and was Ben Bayis by R’ Yaakov Kaminetzky’s Talmid Muvhak R’ Moshe Zev Adler from Monsey.  For over thirteen years, Rav Finkel learned at the feet of  the Gedolei Eretz Yisroel such as HaRav Tzvi Kaplan, Shlit”a (Brisk), HaRav Nosson Zvi Finkel, TZK”L (Mir), and HaRav Daniel Lehrfield, Shlit”a,

Rav Shmuel Friedman Shlit”a

Assistant Rosh Yeshiva

Rav Shmuel Friedman Shlit”a, is Morah De’asra of K’Hal Bais Nosson and acts as our Assistant Rosh Yeshiva.  Rav Friedman’s exudes his Chasidisha warmth which is evident in his close loving relationship he has with all our Talmidim.  A native of Silver Spring, Rav Friedman learned at Ner Yisroel and under the tutelage of HaRav Nesanel Kostelitz, Shlit”a.

Rabbi Mordechai Cohen

Menahel and Magid Shiur

Rabbi Mordechai Cohen, a native Chicagoan, is a Musmach of HaRav Yitzchok Sender, TZK”L and HaRav Nachum Berlat, TZK”L.  Rabbi Cohen brings thirty years of teaching, lecturing, administration, counseling and rabbinic experience to our Yeshiva.  In addition to his acting as the Menahel/Administrator of the business operations of our Yeshiva he also is a Magid Shiur and supervisor of the Night Seder program.

Bochurim Have Come

from these Yeshivos

Mir Yerushalayim

Toras Moshe

Bais Yisroel

Torah Ohr

Tiferes Yerushalayim (TJ)

Aderes HaTorah (R’ Senters)

Telz Cleveland

R’ Nosson Stein

Ner Yisroel

Talmudical Academy (TA)

Meor (Chicago)

Chofetz Chaim (Queens)

Calabasas (LA)

Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Washington

Sho’or Yashuv (Far Rockaway)

What People Are Saying

““There are no words to describe our Hakaras HaTov!”

Mrs. Lapp
Parent of a Bochur

“YTT made Ezra feel comfortable, part of a group and positive about learning. They give the boys a feeling of the importance of Torah.”

Mendel Rosen
Parent of a Bochur

“I’m very impressed with the level of care.”

Yitzchok Lokensky
Parent of a Bochur

“Rabbi Finkel and Rabbi Friedman can figure out a bochur pretty quickly. They make a plan for him and then, most importantly, stick to the bochur until he sticks to the plan.”

Dovid Meltzer
Business Mentor

“[The Rebbeim are] very warm and accepting. They go out of their way to make you happy.”

“It’s the best of both worlds!”

Shmuely Roizman
Shmuely learns morning and evening sedarim while apprenticing with a construction contractor in the afternoon.

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